Wilderness and Urban Survival Training is available to assist an individual or group to learn how to survive in a remote area. Training is available to increase personal safety in an urban environment. Special training is available for children. Special specific training is also available which is geared towards the children of celebrities. NOTE: Any child is welcome to this type of training but the majority of this training may be of no use to most children. - Training is customized to a group or the individual person. - Training content is set up around how much the client wishes to spend, time limits of clients, and what the client wishes to learn. - There are no age limits. - Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We are not responsible for supervising children while doing the training. It is also important that an adult understands the training to help the child practice the skills learned. - Training is not conducted in harsh or dangerous environments. - Training can be done indoors or outside. - Training can be done in urban areas, close to home or in more remote areas. - Training can be done in all weather conditions. - Training is not intimidating and is conducted in a relaxed manner. - The training may be for people serious about learning survival skills. - The training requested may be for purely educational purposes. Minimum cost is $50 Please contact us for further details. Home Security Consulting Trackers Edge will do a custom security evaluation on your home. We will advise how to make your home a more secure place to live. We are totally impartial and independent. We do not sell or install security products. We leave it up to the client to decide what to do with the information we supply. We are extremely experienced in the dynamics of break ins and home invasions. We do evaluations on any type of house or apartment. Costs start at $50       Survival Kits Trackers Edge will assemble a Survival Kit customized to suit your specific needs and budget. Minimum cost is $30.00 which includes the contents. Please contact us for further details.   Survival The following Products and Services are covered under this section: - Wilderness Survival Training - Urban Survival Training - Survival Kits and Products - Wilderness and Urban Safety Training specifically geared towards children - Home Security Consultations © 2010 TrackersEdge & Rob Russell | Contact Us | Privacy Policy